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Distributor Gluta Platinum.
NEW, komposisi 2x lipat dari GLUTA yg sebelum nya…

Glutax Platinum minuman kesehatan terbuat dari bahan-bahan alami (herbal) serta menjaga kesehatan dari dalam.
GLUTA PLATINUM mengandung:
  • * Glutathione: merupakan salah satu anti oksidan terbaru yang sangat berperan penting dalam systen kekebalan tubuh dan juga regenerasi sel.
  • * Vitamin E: bermanfaat untuk meningkatkan daya tahan tubuh, berperan sangat penting bagi kesehatan kulit, sebagai anti oksidan alami akibat adanya radikal bebas.
  • * Collagen: berfungsi sebagai anti penuaan
  • Glutax Platinum aman utk dikonsumsi karena sudah ada izin dinkes P-irt no 214387401023
  • * Kulit menjadi kenyal
  • * Menghambat dan memudarkan kerutan pada kulit
  • * Adanya peningkatan pencerahan warna kulit di seluruh badan
  • * Menjaga kesehatan rambut dan kuku
  • * Melembutkan / menghaluskan tekstur kulit
  • * Nutrisi anti penuaan
  • * Mengganti sel kulit yang rusak atau mati
  • * Menghilangkan bekas jerawat
1 kaleng isi 250gr (lebih banyak 50gram dari gluta yg sebelumnya) utk 14 kali minum
Untuk hasil maksimal sehari minum 2 kali pagi dan malam.

Eceran Rp. @80.000

Info pemesanan :  08561161155
website :

Cream Anisa cheap and Original

cream anisa original lama
If you are now looking for a face cream that is cheap and the original Start by realizing your choice on Cream Anisa cheap and Original. Are you or someone else make a choice ? Maybe salon, or your sister or girlfriend recommended product. They are no doubt well-intentioned. But you may need a different skin. Every person is unique after all and our environment makes a big difference. Not everyone enjoys a glowing skin and vice versa, every person has different needs and can not be equated with each other.
Environment is actually also one of the factors that affect the state of your face. environment is the place where you spend most of your time at the venue, be it at work or at play. Best face cream for you will deal with the power of your neighborhood every day. Sunlight, wind, dry air and the office of city traffic pollution are some examples of these forces. Free radicals produced by your body produces in response to stress, and this can damage your skin. Make sure your face cream will target and neutralize free radicals. Potential anti – oxidants available to devour free radicals while penetrate down through seven layers of skin.
get facial beauty cream made ​​from natural ingredients with no mercury which can damage the skin. Anisa Cream is one cream made from goat’s milk and olive oil are good to brighten and eliminate dark spots on the skin, as well as to eliminate acne bat neutralize toxins in the skin caused by the use of cosmetics containing toxic / hazardous chemicals.
Are you very sensitive to chemicals or certain elements ? Vegetable oils such as olive or almond oil is a good choice. Lanolin, animal products, can cause problems. You will not find lanolin in best face cream products such as face cream anisa.
Regardless of your work or play habits, certain antioxidants are always beneficial to the skin trying to grow our industry in the world. Reject synthetic preservatives and avoid toxic. There are enough of them in the air and water around us. Paraben is a preservative that can interfere when used frequently over time on the skin. The human skin is very porous substance that we place on our skin, such as creams and lotions, which is absorbed into the bloodstream. Take care and be careful what you apply on your face. May end up in the liver or other organs.
There is only one beauty product that is safe for every kind of face, the face cream anisa, to booking you just need to visit the website or contact 08561161155.

Anisa Cream Distributor

Distributor cream anisa
Do you use a face cream but did not notice any difference in your skin? What kind of cream do you use? Where did you get it? It may not seem very important when you buy it, but kind of cream you use on your face is very important. Best face cream products are not always available at the local drug store.
How do you know you are buying a face cream that will work or will not work? One method is to buy and try. It can get expensive when you pick your way through all of the products that are not effective in the marketplace. Now you might think why there would be a lower face cream on the market. Well, it has to do with money. If a company can make money on it, then they will sell it regardless of whether or not it is good for your skin.
It would be better if you are looking for and find Anisa Distributors cream. Anisa face creams also provide many benefits and advantages which can not be given by other distributors. Anisa cream distributor provide low prices and provide a variety of products that complete and reliable. For those of you who want to get a face cream with a very cheap price then visit Anisa Distributor cream.
Many companies today that offer a relatively cheap price to make a profit with the company is very large. They spend a lot of money on advertising and people buying stuff up. Some facial cream products on the market are junk food for the skin.
Companies spend millions on advertising and no good at product development. With the many cases like this then you should realize that choosing a good distributor is a thing you have to do from the first. Some of the best face cream products on the market is a product that is not known. Manufacturers and distributors rely on word of mouth to get their cream in the face of their buyers.
The companies that produce the best face cream to rely on all natural organic ingredients to create a product that is safe either. Other methods these companies use to get their products to people is the buyer of the subscription. Once a person using these products, they usually become permanent buyers.
The best face cream should contain organic materials because the best way to reduce wrinkles is through natural methods and natural products. Applying chemical products for our skin is not natural. In fact, anything that you apply to your skin will work its way into your bloodstream. Do you want synthetic chemicals in your bloodstream?
In conclusion, we should pay attention to what we put in our bodies and in our bodies. The best face cream contains all natural ingredients that are designed to work with our bodies naturally.
Book soon cosmetic face cream on the web anisa or sms to 08561161155.

Anisa Gold Serum

We face is considered one of our most important asset because it was one of the parts that can be seen beforehand by others. So, take good care of it should be a priority. One important part of this is finding a good face cream.
So, what's the best way to care for our skin ? I recommend a good face cream that targets aging skin without using any chemicals that could be potentially dangerous that is often found in many mainstream skin care products and it can only get in the Anisa Gold Serum.
So, women beware ! Not all facial creams safe, and more importantly, not all of them are effective. Here, I will offer tips on what to look for in a good face cream.
First, consumers must check whether the products they buy do not contain harmful chemicals. One common ingredient found in anti -aging skin creams, facial moisturizers and more is the scent, which is known to cause cancer. Other hazardous materials, including hydroquinone, mercury and steroids.
Secondly, I suggest that consumers should look for natural skin care products because they are safe to use. However, not all natural skin care products available on the market today actually use natural ingredients.
Fortunately it is possible to buy products of high quality natural skin care that does not use chemicals and are very effective for good skin care. All products contain natural active ingredients specifically aimed at addressing aging skin, treat dry skin and moisturize. These products include an excellent Night Cream, Day Cream Active and many more.
Especially if you buy one of the beauty products that contain gold, this material is usually much easier to be used as a cosmetic can count on.
The Night Cream - can help the skin to regain its capacity cell rejuvenation. It contains natural oils and special active ingredients such as manuka honey, shea butter, avocado extracts and emollients specifically for nighttime use.
The Active Day Cream - using Maracuja, a natural emollient found in a special passion fruit extract, Babassu, natural wax to soften and soothe the skin, and grape seed oil, an antioxidant that creates an invisible film on the skin to retain moisture entry.
With a natural face cream product, I am confident that consumers will find the right one that will address the problems that they face may have, including skin aging, wrinkles, age spots and dry skin. Immediately contact no is 08561161155 and visit the newest website

Serum Vitamin C Anisa

Are you frustrated with not knowing what a good face cream for your dry skin ? It is important to maintain healthy skin, so finding a face cream that helps moisturize the skin.
Many face creams on the market do not contain the necessary ingredients to help improve your skin. Most products facial creams will not do anything because they mainly include chemicals. Synthetic chemicals that are not healthy for your skin, but it may be dangerous for your overall health.
A face cream for dry skin should contain all natural ingredients that are safe for your skin and provide tremendous benefits. They should not have synthetic chemicals such as parabens, alcohol, acrylamide, doixane, especially oil and minerals. Mineral oil that goes by several names such as paraffin wax or petrolatum used because they are cheap fillers but they are not healthy.
Serum Vitamin C Anisa is one face cream made from natural ingredients that are rich in vitamins and other natural ingredients that nourish your skin. Skin will be protected from premature aging, dry skin and skin will look bright and charming.
Contrary to the belief that the mineral oil moisturize your skin dry, in fact, paraffin wax or petrolatum only coat your skin to retain moisture and trick you into believing. But this, and other chemical substances mentioned, could be very damaging to your skin and even cause unpleasant side effects. Therefore choose a product that contains vitamins would be much better because the body will be healthy come with the proper content of face cream. High quality natural skin care, because it is packed with healthy ingredients that nourish your skin with essential nutrients with healing antioxidants.
The best natural face cream for dry skin should contain ingredients such as :
Babassu help soften and soothe the skin. Natural wax build up an invisible barrier to retain moisture, repel dirt.
Maracuja - a unique passion fruit extract which is a natural emollient. This particular extract is very similar to the structure of human skin and maintain the level of sebum. It is also rich in essential fatty acids that help nourish and rejuvenate your dry skin.
Shea Butter - a natural substance that is quickly absorbed into your skin with no greasy juice. The Shea Butter softens your skin, soothe inflamed areas, while helping to reduce the scars.
Also, natural avocado, macadamia, grape seed and olive oil. Certain natural essential oils to moisturize your dry skin. They work well to keep the skin healthy as they quite simply removes damaging free radicals that bring skin problems. For example, the UV rays that cause your skin to be bad. Please visit or sms to 08561161155 for booking the best face cream you.

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